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Medical &

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Redefining Medtech
Venture Building

We are a Super Incubator helping medtech startups build, test, and market innovations with the ultimate goal of successful exits or commercialisation.​

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Healthcare Startups

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Meet your medtech Super Incubator

Medtech presents unique challenges and opportunities. Despite the emergence of various venture support models, the success rate of new innovations still remains low. We aim to offer medtech startups a tailored ecosystem and full-slate support model by fully leveraging the power of the medical community. We're not just another incubator, accelerator, or venture builder – we’re all of them and so much more!​


Streamlining the startup journey​

We offer a full suite of end-to-end services, streamlining the startup journey from ideation and testing to venture building and market success. ​

As a Super Incubator, our goal is to enable innovations to reach the market in the shortest time possible and create tangible impact.​

Our comprehensive range of services, which has been rolling out in phases, includes product demand validation at the very beginning, fundraising from the medical community, healthcare partnerships and business consulting etc. 

Building upon the success ​

of our venture platform

Our Super Incubator model is built on our pilot project: a global venture platform for helping healthcare startups secure funding, market validation, and customer insights from the global medical community. ​

Each startup listed on our platform for fundraising is put through a three-step vetting process, which includes systematic reviews by the VB Advisory Network – medical and industry experts from respective specialty areas across the globe.



Startups from 70+ countries vetted​


Raised for first two deals​


Registered platform users​

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Leverage insights from our global VB Advisory Network​

Our extensive global advisor network, which consists of Medical Advisors (practising clinicians) and Industry Advisors (healthcare industry experts), helps to validate and support startups as their primary role. Advisors may be invited to participate in medical validation or business consulting projects as part of our medical advisory service. ​

Every advisor is carefully screened and vetted before they are invited to be part of the network. ​

Through their close involvement with startups, some advisors choose to become angel investors and participate in the startups’ fundraising efforts.​

Targeting 3,000 by end of 2023​


Advisors from 50+ countries​


Medical Advisors​


Industry Advisors​

Obtain demand and clinical-use verification with our Medical Advisory service

Our Medical Advisory is a consulting service that helps VCs and corporate ventures assess their investment or acquisition targets. Government agencies may utilise this service to conduct due diligence on their grant applicants. It can also be utilised by any healthcare company looking for medical validation of their ideas, products, or solutions.

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Meet our Founder & CEO

Chris Lee

  • 30+ years in healthcare with leading pharma and medtech companies (Medtronic, MSD, BMS, Bayer)

  • Reached top global leadership status in two Fortune 500 healthcare companies

  • Former APAC President for Medtronic and former Bayer Healthcare APAC Head

  • Strong track record across M&As, strategic partnerships, new market expansion, and startup incubation

  • The “Most Respected CEO” for three consecutive years (2020-2022) and “Executive of the Year 2021”

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Why VentureBlick?

Deep Healthcare Expertise​

  • VB team with deep commercial experience​

  • VB Advisory Network with segment expertise

Unique Validation Process​

  • Strict selection and due diligence to shortlist top 1% deals
  • Future customers offer real-world feedback and validation

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Cross-Border Operations​

  • Startups, VB Advisory Network, and Medical Investors from across the globe

  • Broader reach, access, and impact​

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Our Partners

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