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Powering global innovation with ‘Medical Value First’

We connect and mobilise innovators, clinicians, investors, and ecosystem partners to accelerate healthcare innovation.

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Healthcare innovation is tough

Innovators face lots of challenges because health is complex, divided, and lacks a proper ecosystem. This often overshadows the true medical value of their innovations.


Our ‘Medical Value First’ approach

Medical value is both the start and endpoint for any type of healthcare innovation. It is our guiding principle, prioritising real-world enhancements like clinical efficacy, cost-effectiveness, patient experience, and health equity over novelty or tech advancements.


How we plan to improve things​

To identify and support innovations with true medical value, our offerings are across these three areas:​


VentureBlick Super Incubator 

End-to-end incubation programme to help medtech startups build, test, and market promising ideas. Bolstered by the VB Super Fund, a dedicated VC fund to support these startups throughout the incubation process


VentureBlick Consulting​

Customised solutions to address the most critical and specialised needs in healthcare innovation, both strategically and operationally


VentureBlick Discovery ​

(launching end 2023​)

A community and marketplace to access healthcare innovations, medical expertise, and essential partnerships on a global scale


Startups we support​

We choose only the top 1% of medtech applicants for VentureBlick after rigorous reviews by our in-house team and VB Advisory Network.​

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Advisors from 50+ countries​


Medical Advisors​


Industry Advisors​

Leverage insights from our global
VB Advisory Network​

Our extensive global advisor network, which consists of Medical Advisors (practising clinicians) and Industry Advisors (healthcare industry experts), helps to validate and support startups as their primary role. Advisors may be invited to participate in medical validation or business consulting projects as part of our medical advisory service. ​

Every advisor is carefully screened and vetted

before they are invited to be part of the network. ​

Through their close involvement with startups,

some advisors choose to become angel investors.

Targeting 2,000 by end of 2023​


Not your typical incubator​

Various forms of support exist for startups, but success rates remain low. We're here to change that for medtech startups. We’re not the typical incubator, accelerator, or VC; we're all that and much more.

Getting doctors more

involved in innovation​

Clinicians and industry professionals who are passionate about innovation have the opportunity to get involved and influence the future of healthcare.

Enhancing investment decision-making​

Accredited angel or institutional investors with no medical expertise can enhance their investment journey by leveraging insights from our expert network.​

Tailored healthcare support​

Seeking strategic or operational expertise to drive your healthcare innovation? Discover custom consulting support designed for your unique needs.

Healthcare insights

and connections​

It’s often tricky for innovators, advisors, partners, and investors to cross paths. But we’re on a mission to change that! We’re cooking up something exciting to make connections easier.