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Healthcare Startups with Medical Investors

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We help healthcare startups get funding, market insights, and customer validation through our platform and professional community.

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Transforming how healthcare startups raise capital

We help early-stage healthcare startups overcome funding and market fit challenges that are unique to them by matching them to medical investors, who are their ultimate customers. Through our platform and professional community (to be launched), we help healthcare startups get funding, market insights, and product validation in one go.

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Improving healthcare venture success

Healthcare is unique and complex. It requires all stakeholders, small and big players, to work more cohesively together. There’s a huge unmet need to unlock additional capital and support systems to help healthcare startups navigate challenges and move forward quickly with maximum flexibility. 

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Guided by medical experts in our VB Advisory Network

Medical Advisors​

from key specialty areas​

Industry Advisors​

with domain expertise

Onboarding 500+ advisors worldwide; targeting 2,000 by end of 2023​
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Tackling the critical gaps

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An alternative way to raise capital of up to USD$5M​

Investment from a group of
angel investors without diluting
the control of startups 

Ideas to be screened, validated,
and supported by the
professional community

Open to a large group of accredited investors once the investment from medical professionals reaches a certain level

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Meet our Founder & CEO

Chris Lee

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  • 30+ years in healthcare with leading pharma and medtech companies (Medtronic, MSD, BMS, Bayer)

  • Reached top global leadership status in two Fortune 500 healthcare companies

  • Former APAC President for Medtronic and former Bayer Healthcare APAC Head

  • Strong track record across M&As, strategic partnerships, new market expansion, and startup incubation

  • The “Most Respected CEO” for three consecutive years (2020-2022) and “Executive of the Year 2021”

Follow Chris

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  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Why VentureBlick?

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Deep Healthcare Expertise​

  • VB team with deep commercial experience​

  • VB Advisory Network with segment expertise

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Cross-Border Operations​

  • Startups, VB Advisory Network, and Medical Investors from across the globe

  • Broader reach, access, and impact​

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Unique Validation Process​

  • Strict selection and due diligence to shortlist top 5% deals
  • Future customers offer real-world feedback and validation

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Countries from which vetted startups apply

Countries we’re in with teams on the ground

Medical & Industry Advisors worldwide

Therapeutic specialty areas​

Our Partners

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