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Healthcare innovation’s ultimate advocate

The Leadership Team
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We are a catalyst for global healthcare innovation with a strong focus on identifying and delivering true medical value. Our business consists of three pillars: VentureBlick Super Incubator & Super Fund, VentureBlick Consulting and VentureBlick Discovery.​

What really makes us special is our team’s deep healthcare roots and the diverse global advisor network consisting of practicing clinicians and healthcare experts with domain expertise. Our platform has also brought together innovators, investors, governments and partners from around the world to make a real difference together.​

Established in 2022 by Chris Lee, a highly accomplished healthcare executive, VentureBlick has united a team of experienced professionals from both the medical and industry sectors, leveraging the insights gained from our past experiences to fuel future innovations.​

We are headquartered in Singapore with presences in Korea, Germany, India and China.


Medical value is both the start and endpoint for any type of healthcare innovation. It is our guiding principle, prioritising real-world enhancements like clinical efficacy, cost-effectiveness, patient experience, and health equity over novelty or tech advancements.

Our ‘Medical Value First’ approach

A different
kind of startup


Multinational from the start

We believe that healthcare has no boundaries. That was why our journey began with presences in multiple locations; VentureBlick USA, Korea, and Singapore were set up within months of each other following the business' launch, and we have since expanded to China, India, and Germany. The diverse international experiences of our founding team shape our inclusive and global mindset.​

Led by real industry experts

Real-world experience matters, especially in the healthcare industry, which is complex and requires deep market expertise. Our leadership team is made up of seasoned business leaders and entrepreneurs who know healthcare and investment inside out.


People-first approach

There is much we want to achieve in a very short time, but it will not be at the expense of our team’s wellbeing. We aim to strike a balance between the best attributes of an early-stage company (nimble, problem-solving, enterprising) and an established business (good welfare, international network, learning opportunities).


We value respect, transparency, empowerment, and fun

We believe that a happy team is a productive team

We are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, open-mindedness, and fresh perspectives

We believe in sharing the success of the company with our people, both financially and professionally

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