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Build, test, and market your medtech innovations with us 

Hi founders! We help you overcome the hurdles of turning your groundbreaking ideas into real-world medtech solutions.

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Super Incubator

  • Tailored approach to help early- and growth-stage medtech startups build, test, and market their promising ideas

  • Super Incubator services: Customised services including medical validation, 1:1 mentorship, strategic planning, design and manufacturing partnership, commercialisation strategy, market access and exit support

  • Get access to VentureBlick’s network of investors including angel investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital firms, and more

Who can apply: Early-stage and growth-stage startups within medical devices, diagnostics, or digital health

  • Early-stage: Ideation, proof of concept, or prototype stage (pre-seed valuation of up to US$5M)

  • Growth-stage: Up to Series B funding, commercialisation stage

How to apply: Become a member of Discovery (any member tier) to submit all the details required. We will review startups on a rolling basis and reach out to you.

How we charge: Fee or equity in exchange of incubation services


How we support healthcare startups


Not your typical incubator, accelerator, or venture builder​

  • Our vetting process gets you invaluable medical validation for your road ahead​

  • We help you tell your best story and organise multiple opportunities to present you in front of doctors and investors​​

  • We develop multilingual content, raise your profile, and help you make an impact beyond your home market


Take advantage of our unique 3-step vetting process to prove your value ​


Screening & due diligence by the VentureBlick Team​

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Medical validation by the global VB Advisory Network​

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Response from the broader medical community as another form of validation


Benefits of working with us

Target Customer Voice​

Get feedback from relevant practicing clinicians and healthcare industry experts from the VB Advisory Network


Deep Industry Expertise 

Receive guidance from our in-house team, made up of industry experts you won't typically have access to

Global Connections and Network

Access customised insights and resources from global advisors, investors, and partners

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