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Super Fund

A venture fund to fuel the growth of early-stage medtech startups under VentureBlick’s Super Incubator programme

Our Belief: Medtech innovations have a better chance of flourishing when nurtured by an ecosystem tailored to them​.

Investing in funds can be risky, but at the Super Fund, we do things differently. We mix smart money decisions with a strong understanding of the healthcare world. Our promise to give you the best returns is backed by a special mix of ample resources, a worldwide network of doctors and industry experts, and an in-house team that's really good at dealing with the complexities of the global healthcare markets.


Investment Focus​

Early-stage medtech startups​

Stage Focus​

Ideation, proof of concept, or prototype stage​

Segment Focus​

Medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health​

Geography Focus​

Singapore, Korea, India, and Europe

Invest with us

To find out more about becoming an LP of our Super Fund, get in touch with us at

VB brand elements
VB brand elements
VB brand elements

Building upon the success ​of our venture platform

Our Super Incubator model is built on our pilot project: a global venture platform for helping healthcare startups secure funding, market validation, and customer insights from the global medical community. ​


Startups from 70+ countries vetted​


Registered platform users​

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