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Play a part in shaping the future of healthcare.

Join our VB Advisory Network to be part of global network of healthcare experts appointed to validate and evaluate promising startups.


Medical Advisor

Who You Are​: A practising clinician with a minimum of 10 years​ of experience and deep expertise in a key clinical specialty area​

Your Role​: Tell us if a startup’s solution could positively impact the healthcare system and how likely clinicians would embrace and use them

Industry Advisor

Who You Are​: A healthcare industry expert with deep domain expertise in Commercialisation, Clinical Strategy & Medical Affairs, Market Access (Regulatory &​ Reimbursement), Product Design &​ Manufacturing, and Research​

Your Role​: Tell us your thoughts on the technical aspects and/or commercial viability of a startup’s solution


Different Ways to Get Involved​

The VB Advisory Network plays a crucial role in supporting healthcare innovation with VentureBlick ​

Assess & Validate Startups​​

Advisors primarily assess and validate healthcare startups. Such reviews are typically done during the medical validation phase of VentureBlick’s startup screening process, or as part of VentureBlick’s medical advisory service.

Consult, Advise, Mentor​​

Advisors may also be engaged in other areas of a startup’s development journey on an ad-hoc basis. These include consulting projects, academic research, and startup mentorship

Learn from Investors & Entrepreneurs​

Advisors who have an interest in becoming an angel investor or entrepreneurs, may take a front seat to observe strategies in action and incorporate those lessons into their own strategies


​Advisors from 50+ countries​


Speciality Areas


Reviews Completed

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