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Get funding and validation from your target customers

Do you struggle with funding? Do your customers want what you’re offering? We help early-stage healthcare startups get funding, market insights, and customer validation needed to succeed.


Our global search is on to identify promising healthcare startups for the medical community to evaluate, advise, and fund.

What's in it for you

Angel Funding

from a group of angel investors without dilution of control

Customer Voice
with valuable feedback for startups to refine their offering at an early stage

Knowledge & Capabilities

from KOLs, business advisors, and healthcare-specific experts with real world experience

Market Validation

from potential customers, who are willing investors, for added credibility

Why VentureBlick

  • Two birds, one stone: The only platform that will give you access to your customers and to funding at the same time

  • Healthcare value: We know healthcare is unique and requires much more than just funding. Therefore, we are focused on providing healthcare value and not just financial return

  • Focus and freedom: Get funding and advice from a group of medical professionals who know healthcare best – without losing control of your startup

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