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VentureBlick is organising a global search for the most promising startups in the healthcare ecosystem today. Join the competition and stand to win non-dilutive prizes worth up to US$100,000, including a
2-month fundraising campaign for your startup, as well as manufacturing and prototyping credits. 

What is the competition looking for?


Startups in medtech, biotech, digital health, or life sciences with novel technologies that have the potential to create new markets, disrupt existing ones, or fulfil unmet clinical/operational needs. 

Startups must be legally incorporated, and have at least completed initial feasibility studies or demonstrated proof-of-concept. 

How do I sign up?


If you haven’t already, sign up (for free) as an Innovator on VentureBlick Discovery and complete your profile – including details of your specific innovation. From there, you can then apply to join the Super Innovator Search via the Open Innovation function. 

Why do I need to sign up on Discovery to join the search? 

Discovery is a global networking platform dedicated to healthcare innovation. By signing up and showcasing your innovation there, you are already gaining international exposure to a broader international audience. 

Future Open Innovation Searches, whether conducted by VentureBlick or other corporate/government bodies, will also be done through Discovery, so your future applications will be easily completed there as well. 

Who is the organiser and who are the sponsors?​​

This competition is organised by VentureBlick, and sponsored by JLK Technology and Kalms Group. 

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What are

Up to 3 winners will each be awarded non-dilutive prizes worth up to US$100,000. Specifically, they are: 

  1. Super Innovator status: Up to three rounds of promotional campaigns showcasing each winner to the global healthcare community, valued at US$25,000.

  2. Executive advisory: 2 hours of 1-to-1 consultations with Chris Lee, Founder and CEO of VentureBlick, valued at US$5,000. 

  3. Fundraising support: a targeted 2-month fundraising campaign via VentureBlick's global investor network.  

  4. Marketing support: A professionally produced 1-minute pitch video, as well as other marketing materials, valued at US$10,000. 

  5. Discovery Pro: Premium access to VentureBlick’s Discovery platform for a year, valued at US$580.  

  6. Value-Added Services (Choose 2 out of 3):  

  • Medical validation: A medical validation project that assess the winner’s innovation, valued at US$40,000  


  • CDMO support: Design for manufacturing and prototyping credits, sponsored by JLK Technology and valued at US$20,000  

  • Europe market access support: Reimbursement and market entry support into Europe, sponsored by Kalms Group and valued at US$20,000 

What's the timeline?

Applications: 25 June 2024 to 6 August 2024 

Screening: 1 July 2024 onwards 

Results: 31 August 2024

Where do I get more information?

Full details on the Super Innovator Search are available on Discovery. Sign up for or log into Discovery to get all the information you need.

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